Synonyms for Dinner:


afterparty, main meal, all-nighter, bachelorette party, block party, principal meal of the day, bachelor party, baby shower, blowout, course dinner, bash, collation, refection, B and S. Barbie, brunch, buffet, breakfast bar, box lunch, a bite, BBQ. dinner (noun)
dinner party.
evening meal (noun)
blowout, main meal, feast, banquet, spread, repast, collation, refection.
meal (noun)
consumption, spread, bread, taste, meat, feast, eating, board, snack, grub, meal, cuisine, nutriment, breakfast, morsel, lunch, sustenance, banquet, fare, barbecue, ingestion, foodstuff, picnic, repast, food, drink, feed.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
brunch, main meal, blowout, refection, dinner party, collation.

Usage examples for dinner

  1. Tell all- all- you told me just before dinner – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  2. My dinner has done me good. – The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume
  3. And what had you for dinner to- day? – The English Gipsies and Their Language by Charles G. Leland