Synonyms for Appropriateness:


appropriate conduct (noun)
fitness, suitability, aptness, usefulness, propriety.
appropriateness (noun)
attribute (noun)
fitness (noun)
fitness, aptness, propriety.
opportunity (noun)
convenience, seasonableness, expedience, propitiousness, opportunity, auspiciousness, timeliness.
propriety (noun)
decorum, seemliness, manners, refinement, politeness, correctness, taste.
relevance (noun)
applicability, pertinence, relevance, bearing.
serviceableness (noun)
utility (noun)
fittingness, facilitation, merit, suitability, utility, serviceability, advantageousness, practicality, usefulness, instrumentality, benefit, helpfulness, functionality.

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Usage examples for appropriateness

  1. And indeed Rosie's admiration was not surprising; she was the very Janet of old times; but she sat there in Fanny's handsome drawing- room, with as much appropriateness as she had ever sat in the manse kitchen long ago, and looked over the vases and elegant trifles on the centre- table to Graeme with as much ease and self- possession as if she had been " used with" fine things all her life, and had never held anxious counsels with her over jackets and trowsers, and little half- worn stockings and shoes. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. The appropriateness of the word romantic is still further emphasized by the consideration that, just as romantic art, romantic literature, and romantic music are a revolt against artificial rules and barriers to the free expression of feeling, so romantic love is a revolt against the obstacles to free matrimonial choice imposed by parental and social tyranny. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck