Synonyms for Massacre:


thrash, overcome, smash, overpower, crush, beat, knock out. pogrom, bloodshed, help, bump off, bloodletting, bloodbath, take someone's life. defeat, win, Vanquishment, fratricide, beating, culpable homicide, HIT, overthrow, contract, foul play, licking, Dusting, euthanasia, trimming, genocide, rout. fall, revenge, demolition, hammering. butchering (noun)
study at slaughter.
defeat (noun)
fall, licking, beating, Vanquishment, rout, trimming.
destruction (noun)
liquidation, overthrow, elimination.
killing (noun)
butchering, Dispatching, execution, manslaughter, purging, liquidation, removal, strangulation, hanging, assassination, Snuffing, asphyxiation, extermination, elimination, slaying.
licking (noun)
massacre (noun)
butchery, extermination, slaying, genocide, slaughter, mow down, mass murder, bloodshed, bloodbath, carnage, assassination.


annihilate (verb)
liquidate, do in.
change (verb)
slaughter, mow down.
cut (verb)
mow down, dispatch.
decimate (verb)
exterminate (verb)
eliminate, do away with.
kill (verb)
liquidate, suffocate, remove, smite, drown, butcher, slay, do away with, eliminate, execute, asphyxiate, hang, assassinate, chill, do in, put to sleep, sacrifice, purge, exterminate, snuff, dispatch, strangle, ice, smother, slaughter.
massacre (verb)
exterminate, slay, butcher, mass murder.

Other synonyms:

Dusting, bump off, revenge, demolition, bloodletting, bloodbath, Vanquishment. defeat, hammering, overpower, bloodshed, rout. licking, beating. trimming, overthrow. smash, thrash, crush. fall. kill
slay, snuff, exterminate.
Other relevant words:
licking, Vanquishment, overthrow, smash, carnage, bloodbath, rout, bump off, crush, defeat, beat, fall, beating, bloodletting, butchery, overpower, pogrom, mow down, demolition, trimming, bloodshed, Dusting, genocide, thrash, revenge.

Usage examples for massacre

  1. Now, it had been very seldom that Indians who had started out to massacre whites had met with people who acted like this; and these red men in war paint thought it wise to consider what had been said to them. – Stories of New Jersey by Frank Richard Stockton
  2. All the rest of youse is free till ten to- morrow- for the Indian Massacre – Further Foolishness by Stephen Leacock
  3. The remainder of the crew were fortunately off in a boat at this time, and escaped the massacre – The Captive in Patagonia by Benjamin Franklin Bourne