Synonyms for Disavow:


neglect, not be someone's keeper, wash your hands of, shirk.


annul (verb)
cancel, veto, divorce, annul, dissolve, refute, destroy, abolish, efface, withdraw, extinguish, repudiate, eradicate, negate, nullify, neutralize, disclaim, obliterate, undo, revoke, delete, Disaffirm, reject, dismiss, invalidate, eliminate.
confute (verb)
confute, conflict, rejoin, challenge, dispute, rebut, repeal, disprove, abrogate, contradict.
deny (verb)
negate (verb)
invert, Counterwork, overturn, check, reverse, counterbalance.
reject (verb)
disclaim, Disacknowledge, negate, contradict, repudiate, deny.
renounce (verb)
renounce, cross, betray, defect, retract, deny, abdicate, desert, abandon, backslide, abnegate.

Other synonyms:

Disacknowledge. neglect. deny
disclaim, Disacknowledge, veto.
Other relevant words:
neglect, Disacknowledge, shirk.

Usage examples for disavow

  1. You disavow it; that is enough for me, and I for ever dismiss the idea. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson