Synonyms for Debacle:


smashup, money, smash, crash. catastrophe (noun)
fiasco, ruin, wreck, crash, smashup, failure, rout, smash, drubbing, disaster, downfall, breakdown, trouncing, collapse.
debacle (noun)
slaughter, trouncing, walloping, thrashing, fiasco, whipping, drubbing.
defeat (noun)
downfall (noun)
rout, catastrophe, disaster.
event (noun)
failure (noun)
lapse, miscarriage, waterloo, crash, Noncompletion, flop, malfunction, thrashing, fiasco, downfall, error, bust, trouncing, collapse.
ruin (noun)
collision, apocalypse, shipwreck, ruin, wreckage, wreck, breakdown, landslide, break up, failure.

Other synonyms:

smashup. catastrophe
Other relevant words:
money, slaughter, whipping, disaster, smashup, malfunction, rout, smash, lapse, drubbing, error, catastrophe, walloping, crash.

Usage examples for debacle

  1. I have been reading about war during the past three months, I have been reading again Zola's Debacle a great appeal for preparedness, you would say. – The Major by Ralph Connor