Synonyms for Butcher:


eat away, mutilate, ravage, devastate, shatter, vandalize, businessperson, obliterate, merchant, ruin, trash. criminal, murderer, cutthroat, take someone's life, bump off. hired gun, manslayer, hit man, hit squad, serial killer, slayer, murderess, lynch mob, homicide, Assassin, Massacrer, death squad, hatchet man, help, triggerman. destroy, bag, hunt out, hunt, cull, poach, put down. chandler, baker, chemist, fishmonger, concessionaire, bookseller, draper, druggist, confectioner. bungler (noun)
bumbler, fumbler.
butcher (noun)
bumbler, fuckup, meatman, botcher, slaughter, stumbler, blunderer, fumbler, bungler, sad sack, slaughterer.
hired gun (noun)
hired gun.
meat killer, seller (noun)
slaughterer, slayer.
person (noun)


contact (verb)
kill (verb)
do in, eliminate, exterminate, ice, strangle, remove, hang, dispatch, suffocate, smite, chill, massacre, smother, sacrifice, purge, slaughter, drown, assassinate, execute, liquidate, put to sleep, snuff, asphyxiate, do away with, slay.
ruin (verb)
destroy, mutilate.
slay and prepare animal for meat (verb)
liquidate, slaughter.

Other synonyms:

concessionaire, destroy, triggerman, fishmonger, draper, baker, murderess, confectioner, Massacrer, slayer, druggist, hunt out, bookseller. cutthroat, manslayer, hunt, poach, chandler. cull, homicide, chemist. bag. put down. destroy
slaughter, slay, dispatch.
Other relevant words:
bungler, bag, homicide, stumbler, blunderer, hit man, destroy, baker, sad sack, slayer, poach, fuckup, concessionaire, botcher, chandler, manslayer, hired gun, mutilate, murderer, fumbler, merchant, ruin, obliterate, hunt, confectioner, fishmonger, hatchet man, bookseller, bumbler, Massacrer, meatman, cutthroat, bump off, murderess, triggerman, vandalize, Assassin, slaughterer, draper.

Usage examples for butcher

  1. He fired quite close to the running butcher twice, and the butcher thought it wise to halt. – Christmas Eve on Lonesome and Other Stories by John Fox, Jr.
  2. There is no reason why I should hide in a butcher shop, simply to avoid meeting the man. – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  3. During that time Captain Butcher and Captain Bulloch, both having the reputation of being Confederate agents, were on board almost every day. – Cruise and Captures of the Alabama by Albert M. Goodrich