Synonyms for Impeachment:


accusation (noun)
imputation, censure, accusation, denouncement, complaint, insinuation, grievance, charge, reproach, blame, allegement, criticism, condemnation, allegation, accusal, indictment, incrimination, arraignment, citation.
arraignment (noun)
prosecution, summons, charge.
blame (noun)
accusation, reproach, criticism, implication.
condemnation (noun)
incrimination (noun)
indictment (noun)
blame, writ.
lawsuit (noun)
case, action, lawsuit, summons, hearing, arraignment, writ, prosecution, affidavit, implication, count, litigation, subpoena, suit.
reprehension (noun)
trial (noun)
hearing, lawsuit, case.

Other synonyms:

accusation, lawsuit, prosecution.

Usage examples for impeachment

  1. What was to be done to save her father from this impeachment which she knew well would hurry him to his grave? – The Lion and the Mouse A Story of an American Life by Charles Klein
  2. But at last, warned that it would be " criminal and a matter of impeachment to withhold an answer," he admitted that he had heard a rumor of the signature of such a treaty. – Benjamin Franklin by John Torrey Morse, Jr.