Synonyms for Est:


EST (noun)
eastern standard time, eastern time.
CF, apt, av, acronym, ANON, bpi, CAPT, B, CCTV, abbreviation. DST, ADT, AST, cst, ct, at, AHST, EDT, CDT. guesstimate, guesswork, overestimate, estimate, guess, conjecture, a stab in the dark, surmise, speculation.

Other synonyms:

Eastern Time
eastern time.
cst, AST, ADT, CDT, DST, EDT, AHST. ct. at. Other relevant words:

Usage examples for est

  1. The comparative degree of adjectives is formed by adding er, the superlative by adding est to the positive; as, fair, fairer, fairest; lovely, lovelier, loveliest; sweet, sweeter, sweetest; low, lower, lowest; high, higher, highest. – A Grammar of the English Tongue by Samuel Johnson
  2. 109, 19. " Est ce toi?" – The Martian by George Du Maurier