Synonyms for Casualty:


fatality, the injured, amputee, walking wounded. housekeeping, consulting room, icu, dead, emergency room, wounded, er, high dependency unit, dispensary, losses, day room, Delivery Room. mischance, surprise, help. prey, victim. death, live. accident (noun)
calamity, misadventure, catastrophe, misfortune, mishap, disaster.
adversity (noun)
catastrophe, adversity, woe, hard times, rainy day, blight, peril, mishap, disaster, tribulation, dolor, burden, hardship, misfortune, misadventure, grief, infliction, poverty, destitution, ordeal, difficulty, torment, bane, contretemps, poorness, trial, distress, tragedy, curse, trouble, hard luck, calamity, agony, bad luck, misery, affliction.
casualty (noun)
fatal accident, injured party.
loss (noun)
victim (noun)
fatality, wounded, dead, prey.

Other synonyms:

emergency room, amputee, day room, losses, high dependency unit, dispensary, Delivery Room, walking wounded, consulting room, er, icu. mischance, prey, fatality. death, victim.

Usage examples for casualty

  1. Otherwise, this simple winter casualty may be as serious and painful as a bad burn. – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley