Synonyms for Befriend:


cultivate, click, get along like a house on fire, take up with, make friends, get in with, hit it off, fall in with. befriend (noun)
make friends with, fall in with.
encourage (noun)
advise, make friends with, associate.


make social acquaintance; support (verb)
advise, get in with, take up with, hit it off.
socialize (verb)
converse, meet, talk, gather, socialize, hob-nob, attend, host, join.

Other synonyms:

take up with. get in with, fall in with. click. Other relevant words:
hit it off, get in with, take up with, advise, make friends with, make friends, fall in with.

Usage examples for befriend

  1. Thou comest to befriend me? – Medea of Euripedes by Euripedes