Synonyms for Obedient:


agreeing (adjective)
compliant (adjective)
adherent, yielding, concurrent, submissive, meek, conforming, supporting, compliant, willing, servile, respectful.
conforming (adjective)
Aping, conventional, submissive, complying, proper, conforming, correct, Adhering, customary, Acquiescing, mannerly, regular, formal, congruous, consist, traditional.
obedient (adjective)
compliant, loyal, acquiescent, servile, good, faithful, allegiant, devoted, submissive, meek.
pious (adjective)
dogmatic, pious, devoted, holy, religious, sanctified, holier-than-thou, dutiful, sanctimonious, devout, reverent, cultist, godly, christian, faithful, worshipful, prayerful, solemn, superstitious.
respectful (adjective)
servile (adjective)
feudal, humble, attending, complaisant, subordinate, deferential, biddable, browbeaten, docile, acquiescent, subservient, willing, Genuflecting, groveling, dutiful, devoted, kowtowing, curtsying, slavish, submissive, yielding, Subjected, menial, servile, inferior, downtrodden.
subordinate (adjective)
dependent, subject, enslaved, junior, servile, Subjected, bound, supine, under, constrained, subservient, deferent, submissive, compliant, subjugated, unfranchised, enthralled, subordinate.
well-behaved; submissive (adjective)
complaisant, governable, yielding, respectful, compliant, loyal, willing, controllable, resigned, devoted, subservient, attentive, duteous, docile, faithful, deferential, Obeisant, acquiescent, biddable, dutiful.


cooperative, good, legalistic. resist, supple. obedient (noun)
biddable, conformable, dutiful, compliant, Y2k Compliant, acquiescent, duteous.

Other synonyms:

legalistic. cooperative. Y2K compliant
Y2k Compliant.
Other relevant words:
conformable, attentive, governable, resigned, cooperative, duteous, Obeisant, good, acquiescent, supple, controllable, legalistic.

Usage examples for obedient

  1. The two men stood, sullenly obedient – The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton
  2. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your humble obedient servant, Isaac White. – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. " Your humble, obedient servant," said he. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston