Synonyms for Lady:


baron, archduke, count, baronetcy, baroness, countess, aristocracy, baronet, adult, consort, aristocrat. babe, sister, girls, girlfriend, baby, sunshine, miss. womankind, housewife, the fair sex, working girl, young lady, womenfolk. gentry, brahman, polite company, gentility, gentleman, the nobility, the upper class, polite society. hero, guiding light, idol, golden girl, role model, golden boy, legend, wonder, folk hero, heroine. damsel (noun)
female (noun)
lady (noun)
gentlewoman, dame, peeress, ma'am, madam, noblewoman.
noble (noun)
countess, archduke.
noblewoman (noun)
peeress, baroness.
titles (noun)
justice, esq, miss, honorific, judge, the Honorable, HON, jr..
woman (noun)
woman, female, dame, baroness, adult, womanhood, lass, femininity, babe, gentlewoman, squaw, matron, countess, frau, girl, milady, noblewoman.

Other synonyms:

hubby, missis, life partner, husband. baby, sister, babe. mate. match. nobleman
noblewoman, countess.
peeress, baroness.

Usage examples for lady

  1. But to this the lady made no answer at all. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  2. " Indeed, my lady you surprise me. – Stories of Many Lands by Grace Greenwood