Synonyms for Sorcery:


curse, the black arts, abracadabra, halloween, enchanted, extrasensory perception, ESP, alchemy. theurgy, witching, Thaumaturgy, supernatural, Sortilege, conjuration, witchery. alchemy (noun)
black magic (noun)
satanism, witchery, diabolism, enchantment, study at magic.
black magic, witchcraft (noun)
enchantment, wizardry, witching, magic, divination, necromancy, Thaumaturgy, devilry, abracadabra, alchemy, witchery, black art.
psychical research (noun)
telepathy, hallucination, astrology, psychoanalysis, necromancy, soothsaying, fortune telling, psychology, divination, mysticism, supernaturalism, hysteria, psychotherapy, spiritualism, hypnotism.
sorcery (noun)
black art, Divining, satanism, clairvoyance, witchcraft, black magic, horoscopy, augury, magic, devilry, diabolism, palmistry, demonism, wizardry, necromancing, Occultism.

Other synonyms:

witchery, Thaumaturgy, Sortilege, theurgy. conjuration. witching. magic
Other relevant words:
enchantment, Thaumaturgy, witching, supernatural, conjuration, theurgy, Sortilege, black magic, abracadabra, alchemy, witchery, black art.

Usage examples for sorcery

  1. Let that pass, said she, it has all come about by natural means, without any magic or sorcery – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse