Synonyms for Jesus christ:


evangelist, Him, he, apostolic, apostle, disciple, father, the Holy Ghost, His. goddammit, damned, damn it/you/him etc., son of a bitch, get stuffed, bloody. deity (noun)
idol, almighty, absolute, inspiration, hero, King of the Jews, godhead, muse, Son of Man, Prince of Peace, all-powerful, jesus, dieu, jehovah, maker, Lamb of God, trinity, omnipotence, goddess, Jesu, Son of God, messiah, redeemer, judge, holy ghost, salvation, divinity, savior, omniscience, King of Kings, christ, demigod, providence, heroine, infinite, creator, lord, deity.
jesus christ (noun)
good shepherd, jesus, Jesus Of Nazareth, saviour, deliverer, savior, redeemer, christ.

Other synonyms:

Good Shepherd
good shepherd.
Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus Of Nazareth.
Other relevant words:
good shepherd, deliverer, saviour, Jesus Of Nazareth.