Synonyms for Ma:


MA (noun)
massachusetts, bay state, Artium Magister, mom, mummy, mater, mommy, mammy, old colony, AM, master of arts, momma, mamma, milliampere, mum, mama.
Master of Arts (noun)
Artium Magister, AM.
bachelor's degree, advanced degree, associate, associate degree, 21, ba, Associate of Arts, aa, baccalaureate, 22. ark, BC, al, ala, az, alas, ARIZ, ak, ar, ca. md, mlitt, med, Ph.D., mb, Ms., mba. empty nester, birth parent, daddy, deadbeat dad, birth father, father, custodial parent, dad, fatherhood, birth mother. mama (noun)
mom (noun)
mama, mommy, mum, mom.
person (noun)
mammy, mama, mummy, mom, mum, mamma, mommy, momma.
titles (noun)
lady, the Honorable, esq, honorific, jr., judge, Her/Your Ladyship, dame, justice, HON.

Other synonyms:

Master of Arts
master of arts.
Old Colony
old colony.
mb, mother. ba, mlitt, mba. md, Ph.D., med. Ms.. Other relevant words:

Usage examples for ma

  1. " Ma he said, as they met at the basket, " I've jest thought what I kin do, when I grow up, to support you." – Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley by Belle K. Maniates
  2. You might speak to ma about it. – A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready by Bret Harte
  3. I don't believe Ma would! – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris