Synonyms for Coal:


black (adjective)
obsidian, charcoal.


coal miner, goldmine, coalfield, conflict diamonds, coal mining, coal mine, colliery, gold rush, gallery. brand, spark, EMBERS. bitumen (noun)
carbon, charcoal, ember, fuel, spark, char, anthracite.
coal (noun)
anthracite, smokeless, ember, char.
element (noun)
ember (noun)
fuel (noun)
oil, fuel, combustion, methane, charcoal, gasoline, gas, propane, kerosene, briquette, ethane.
mineral (noun)
chalcedony, Azurite, pitchblende, pyroxene, Brookite, lime, bauxite, pumice, brimstone, Selenite, clay, asbestos, lazurite, boron, orthoclase, aragonite, magnesite, Chlorite, talcum, silicate, manganese, chromite, obsidian, spar, kaolinite, gypsum, emery, fluorite, salt, molybdenite, ozocerite, mineral, lignite, sulfur, carbon, barite, corundum, crystal, pyrite, fluorspar, hornblende, coke, calcite, cobalt, silica, alabaster, mica, diatomite, feldspar, glauconite, graphite, garnet, Iolite, quartz, Vermiculite, cryolite, rhodonite, peat, quicklime, fool's gold.
reprimand (noun)
castigate, censure, criticize.

Other synonyms:

coal mine, conflict diamonds, colliery, coal mining, coalfield, coal miner. goldmine, gold rush. gallery. coal
smokeless, anthracite.
Other relevant words:
spark, gallery, EMBERS, ember, anthracite, char, brand, goldmine, criticize, coalfield.

Usage examples for coal

  1. The State of Pennsylvania has ten thousand square miles of coal and iron. – A Visit To The United States In 1841 by Joseph Sturge
  2. I own five thousand acres, and about a thousand acres of it is the best coal land in the United States. – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  3. But he was in the coal trade. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant