Synonyms for Brittle:


brittle (adjective)
crisp, delicate, breakable, fragile, frangible, frail, fracturable.
fragile (adjective)
crisp, crumbly, weak, inelastic, delicate, breakable, frangible, frail.
tense (adjective)
irritable, nervous, edgy.


broken, connected, acquainted, cosy, clannish, arm's length, chummy, brotherly, close. vulnerable, weak, delicately balanced, flimsy. cheesy, mirthless, broad, MONA LISA, humourless, broadly, humorless, gummy, lazy. harsh, tinny, brassy, tuneless, piercing, cacophonous, monotonous, jarring, scratchy. brittle (noun)
brickly, unhardened, breakable, untempered, toffy, brickle, toffee, coldhearted, unannealed.
food (noun)
toffee, toffy.
fragile (noun)
inelastic, study at fragile, crumbly.

Other synonyms:

chummy, flimsy, disembodied, crumbly, acquainted, grating, humorless, MONA LISA, breathy, adenoidal, fruity, mirthless, broken, clannish, croaky, arm's length, gummy, tuneless, monotonous, cosy. cheesy, tinny, scratchy, brotherly, connected, weak. jarring, vulnerable. broadly. close, dead. harsh. broad. flat.

Usage examples for brittle

  1. Do you suppose we are made of such brittle stuff, we poor landowners, that we can't stand an argument now and then? – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. " I think it is likely," I answered, with the brittle sugar in my voice that Letitia only half knows the flavor of. – The Heart's Kingdom by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. Perpetually he made the same rhythmic gesture with his arms, and with every gesture the sugar- canes around him broke as if they were made of brittle glass. – The City Curious by Jean de Bosschère