Synonyms for Intimidation:


menace, warn. bullying (noun)
daunting, scare tactics, Cowing, terrorizing, Browbeating, one-upmanship, demoralizing, awing, frightening, threatening.
coercion (noun)
bullying, menace, restraint, threat, duress.
compulsion (noun)
compulsion, urge, propulsion, stimulation, pressure, motivation, duress, coercion, incitement, obligation.
dissuasion (noun)
derailment, discouragement, deflection, diversion, admonishment, restraint, inhibition, disheartenment, prevention, aversion, dissuasion, disinclination, banishment.
fear (noun)
apprehension, cowardice, anxiety, fright, agitation, timidity, spinelessness, dread, terror, alarm, fear, faintheartedness, angst.
fulmination (noun)
intimidation (noun)
determent, deterrence, Browbeating, scare tactics, Cowing, bullying, coercion, frightening, demoralizing, daunting, terrorizing, threatening.
scare tactics (noun)
terror (noun)
anxiety, alarm, fright, dread.
threat (noun)
harassment, threat, warning, monition, bluster, foreboding, admonition, hint, forewarning.

Other synonyms:

menace. Other relevant words:
determent, bullying, deterrence, warn, daunting, threatening, scare tactics, terrorizing, demoralizing, one-upmanship, menace, Cowing, frightening, awing, Browbeating.

Usage examples for intimidation

  1. Torture, however much we may condemn it, has frequently proved the only method for overcoming the intimidation exercised over the mind of a conspirator; a man bound by the terrible obligations of a confederacy and fearing the vengeance of his fellow- conspirators will not readily yield to persuasion, but only to force. – Secret Societies And Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster
  2. I gather that these African sorcerers rely largely upon what I may term intimidation – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  3. That process had been begun shortly after the War, taking the form of intimidation at the polls. – Contemporary American History, 1877-1913 by Charles A. Beard