Synonyms for Foulness:


uncleanliness, squalor, clean. unwholesomeness, pollution, defilement. lewdness, vulgarity, raunchiness, scurrility, grossness, decent, bawdiness, Vulgarness, scurrilousness, Raunch, profaneness, coarseness, profanity. dirty state (noun)
griminess, uncleanness, filth, squalor, uncleanliness, grubbiness.
evil (noun)
atrocity, badness, detriment, abomination, nefariousness, disgrace, wickedness, sinisterness, offensiveness, damnation, bane, terribleness, monstrosity, evil, reprehensibleness, Repellency, mischief, calamitousness, sinfulness, repulsiveness, heinousness, hideousness.
filth (noun)
foulness (noun)
filthiness, rankness, nastiness, malodourousness, stinkiness, malodorousness, filth.
impurity (noun)
malevolence (noun)
malevolence, animosity, malice, maliciousness, hatefulness, hurtfulness, meanness, antagonism, bitterness, viciousness, virulence, malignancy, corrosiveness, hatred, spitefulness, venom, nastiness, cattiness, ill nature.
obscenity (noun)
lewdness, grossness, dirtiness, Raunch, coarseness, profanity, scurrility, profaneness, smuttiness, vulgarity, filthiness, Vulgarness, scurrilousness, raunchiness, bawdiness.
pollution (noun)
ugliness (noun)
uncleanness (noun)
muddiness, murkiness, putridity, untidiness, sloppiness, griminess, filthiness, uncleanness, slovenliness, odiousness, grubbiness, dirtiness, shabbiness, dinginess, Dustiness, smuttiness, impurity.

Other synonyms:

profaneness, Vulgarness, Raunch, unwholesomeness, raunchiness, uncleanliness, bawdiness. grossness, defilement, squalor, scurrilousness, vulgarity, lewdness, scurrility, profanity. coarseness. contamination
Other relevant words:
malodourousness, clean, coarseness, defilement, scurrility, unwholesomeness, raunchiness, vulgarity, filth, bawdiness, decent, profaneness, Raunch, uncleanliness, stinkiness, rankness, Vulgarness, lewdness, profanity, squalor, pollution, grossness, malodorousness, scurrilousness.

Usage examples for foulness

  1. There were some of birth and breeding, and there were daughters of the slums, heritors of their mothers' foulness – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  2. But the claims of its all- ruling and irresistible might are also only too readily verified in the passions of men; in the follies of love, its entanglements, its mischiefs, its foulness – Spenser (English Men of Letters Series) by R. W. Church
  3. Pour out the foulness of thy mind. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini