Synonyms for Pathology:


aetiology, dentistry, chiropody, cardiology, dietetics, bioengineering, cytology, embryology, biomedicine. crisis, chill, hallucination, perforation, etiology, discharge, dehydration, complication. botany (noun)
diagnostics (noun)
medicine, Pathogeny, bacteriology.
unhealthiness (noun)
poisonousness, malignancy, unhealthiness, unwholesomeness, deadliness, Contagiousness, toxicity, sickness, disease, contamination, noxiousness, pestilence, infection, insalubrity.

Other synonyms:

etiology, hallucination, complication. dehydration, perforation, crisis. chill, discharge. Other relevant words:
Pathogeny, dentistry, hallucination, medicine, complication, perforation, etiology, embryology, crisis, bacteriology, dietetics, discharge, cytology, dehydration.

Usage examples for pathology

  1. For a time in his earlier life he devoted himself to the study of fishes, because they seemed to promise to throw light on certain problems in human anatomy and pathology – Makers of Modern Medicine by James J. Walsh
  2. He said that it is a- a disease; that it is a matter of pathology not of moral courage." – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  3. Without presuming even to attempt a final solution of a problem of pathology concerning which specialists have failed to agree, there seems to be sufficient circumstantial as well as direct evidence to warrant the assumption that Lenau's case presents an instance of hereditary taint. – Types of Weltschmerz in German Poetry by Wilhelm Alfred Braun