Synonyms for Cow:


bull, devon, jersey, chill, frighten, terrify, Texas Longhorn, Alderney, Brown Swiss, scare, critter, French Canadian, shorthorn, bossy, jutland, durham, Kerry, dexter, sussex, dairy cow, bovine, galloway, Dutch Belted, panic, startle, guernsey, longhorn, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, hereford, alarm, charolais, holstein-friesian, milk cow, shake up, Simmenthal. bulldoze, doe, browbeat, ewe, jenny, dam, hector, hind, strong-arm, duck, bully, threaten, menace, over, bludgeon, intimidate, hen, girl, bullyrag. dork, spastic, dunce, cretin, jerk, wanker, deadhead. broiler, broiler chicken, friesian, fowl, fryer, boar, frier, chicken, cattle. animal (noun)
cow (noun)
overawe, moo-cow.
mammal (noun)
burro, hyena, fox, buffalo, jaguar, alpaca, hedgehog, deer, kangaroo, porcupine, jackal, hog, raccoon, ibex, yak, dingo, camelopard, leopard, swine, llama, hare, platypus, tiger, skunk, stoat, elk, gnu, bear, chipmunk, dromedary, otter, reindeer, gopher, camel, cavy, rabbit, hamster, coyote, moose, cat, bobcat, panther, mink, lemming, possum, mule, mole, giraffe, ocelot, panda, rat, koala, squirrel, rhinoceros, donkey, weasel, zebra, stag, elephant, caribou, bison, sheep, antelope, ermine, chinchilla, echidna, lion, ferret, pig, wallaby, dog, shrew, cheetah, wolf, opossum, polecat, sloth, horse, hippopotamus, Lynx, marmot, ox, wombat, beaver, goat, sable, cougar, mouse, puma, arctic fox, gazelle, mongoose.
ungulate (noun)
deer, rhinoceros, camel, giraffe, llama, hippopotamus.


browbeat, intimidate (verb)
buffalo, strong-arm, overawe, frighten, scare, bludgeon, hector, bully, bulldoze.
emotion (verb)

Other synonyms:

cretin, bulldoze, broiler chicken, guernsey, doe, frier, jenny, bludgeon, fryer, friesian, ewe, jerk, dork. bullyrag, strong-arm, hind, hector, spastic, broiler, hen, fowl, dunce. dam, jersey, threaten. girl. deadhead. duck. stock
Other relevant words:
bully, deadhead, girl, over, alarm, charolais, durham, galloway, dairy cow, hen, jenny, duck, intimidate, Simmenthal, overawe, spastic, dunce, bovine, dexter, shorthorn, guernsey, longhorn, devon, milk cow, friesian, hector, chicken, sussex, doe, dam, Kerry, moo-cow, jersey, broiler, fryer, terrify, ewe, jutland, jerk, holstein-friesian, bulldoze, fowl, strong-arm, bludgeon, Alderney, panic, critter, chill, frier, menace, browbeat, bullyrag, startle, wanker, hereford, cretin, scare, threaten, dork, hind, frighten, bossy, boar, cattle.

Usage examples for cow

  1. I have lost my best cow and somehow everything seems to have gone against me. – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  2. I was just as afraid of the cow as I could be." – Little Prudy's Sister Susy by Sophie May
  3. I guess you can go where a cow can go, you silly thing. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower