Synonyms for Cowboy:


inadequate, amateur, incompetent, bungler. cyclops, dracula, cupid, Dorian Gray, Dick and Jane, arthur, arthurian, changeling, elf. farmer, cowgirl, field hand, dirt farmer, farmhand. cowboy (noun)
cowman, cowpoke, puncher, cowherd, rodeo rider, cowhand, cowpuncher, cattleman.
cowhand (noun)
hand, gaucho, herdsman, drover, rancher, cattlehand, top hand, cattle-herder, herder, broncobuster, vaquero, night herder, wrangler, rider, buckaroo.
herdsman (noun)
cowpuncher, herder, buckaroo, cowherd, wrangler, vaquero.
horseman (noun)
mounted cattle hand (noun)
cowpoke, wrangler, herdsman, cowhand, buckaroo, vaquero, cowpuncher, rancher, gaucho, cattleman, drover.
person (noun)
cowpoke, puncher, cattleman, cowhand, cowman, cowpuncher, cowherd.
rider (noun)
shepherd (noun)

Other synonyms:

cyclops, farmer, elf, cupid, arthur, changeling, incompetent, rancher, gaucho, herder, wrangler, dirt farmer, cowgirl, arthurian, Dorian Gray, buckaroo, Dick and Jane, farmhand, dracula, field hand. amateur. hand. shepherd
Other relevant words:
cattlehand, farmer, incompetent, herder, buckaroo, vaquero, amateur, arthur, wrangler, cyclops, elf, hand, rancher, gaucho, rider, dracula, arthurian, drover, cattle-herder, inadequate, herdsman, bungler, cowgirl, broncobuster, farmhand, changeling, cupid.

Usage examples for cowboy

  1. The cowboy who had opened the gate still held it so, the spell of Macdonald's dramatic arrival still over him. – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  2. Cowboy character is not well understood. – The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier by Edgar Beecher Bronson
  3. Bangs himself, excited yet steady as a clock, was talking to his plane as a cowboy might talk to his pony. – Our Pilots in the Air by Captain William B. Perry