Synonyms for Chutney:


barbecue sauce, aspic, broth, aioli, coulis, balsamic vinegar, bouillon cube, dip, catsup. chutney (noun)
Indian Relish.
condiment (noun)
flavoring, cayenne, mayonnaise, chive, tartar sauce, salad dressing, parsley, mustard, radish, spice, sauce, applesauce, chili, dill, seasoning, Catchup, leek, paprika, tabasco, allspice, vinegar, ginger, relish, thyme, vanilla, cinnamon, garlic, mint, onion, turmeric, clove, pepper, condiment, nutmeg, dressing, salt, horseradish, pickle, peppermint, sage.
food (noun)
Indian Relish.

Other synonyms:

coulis, catsup, aioli, balsamic vinegar, bouillon cube, broth, barbecue sauce, aspic. dip. Other relevant words:
dip, coulis, aspic, broth, Indian Relish.

Usage examples for chutney

  1. And, just to keep things moving, we have restored an antique whirling cruet- holder to deliver Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, A- 1, Tap Sauce and Major Grey's Chutney – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown