Synonyms for Officiating:


act (noun)
refereeing, umpirage, officiation.
officiating (noun)
refereeing, umpirage, officiation.


acting (verb)
functioning, acting, executing, Behaving, Endeavoring, operating, working, performing, appearing, conducting, laboring, exercising, reacting, moving, Transacting, Doing, Comporting, Perpetrating.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
refereeing, umpirage, officiation.

Usage examples for officiating

  1. Mr. Hope and Charlotte Lockhart were married at the parish church of Marylebone on August 19, 1847, his brother- in- law, Lord Henry Kerr, officiating and after the wedding he took his bride to the Duke of Buccleuch's house at Richmond, which had been lent to them for the honeymoon. – Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott, Volume 2 by Robert Ornsby
  2. He then directed that after his body should have been kept as long as the laws prescribed, it should be buried thus:- The officiating bishop was to head the procession, bearing the crucifix, and followed by the clergy. – History of the United Netherlands, 1598 by John Lothrop Motley
  3. Finally, it became customary to designate them by the ancient name of altar, while the officiating minister resumed the name of priest. – Studies from Court and Cloister by J.M. Stone