Synonyms for Angular:


bent (adjective)
forked, crooked, oblique, sharp-cornered, jagged, crossing, slanted.
crooked (adjective)
leaning, bent, slanted, sloped, tilted, crooked.
lank (adjective)
all skin and bones, thin as a rail, Fleshless.
thin, especially referring to people (adjective)
lanky, spare, awkward, lean, gaunt, bony, scrawny, rawboned, lank, gangling, skinny.


concentric, forked, parallel, aerodynamic, concave, oblique, round, crossing, asymmetrical, pointed, jagged, closed, clean, bulbous, chunky. angular (noun)
cuspidated, cuspate, rectangular, cuspidate, angulate, star-shaped, bicuspidate, tricuspid, triangular, cuspidal, angled, sharp-cornered, isogonic, tricuspidate, cusped, equiangular, bicuspid, asteroid, three-cornered, unicuspid, cuspated.

Other synonyms:

aerodynamic, pointed, asymmetrical, concentric, forked, Fleshless, concave, weedy, twiggy. chunky, scrawny, closed, lank, rawboned, slim, gaunt, slender, skinny. round, lanky. thin, meager. clean. rectangular

Usage examples for angular

  1. In European river- loams we occasionally observe isolated pebbles and angular pieces of stone which have been floated by ice to the places where they now occur; but no such coarse materials are met with in the plains of Egypt. – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell
  2. My particular rat- catcher was not a very highly evolved specimen of humanity; he was thin and hungry- looking with an angular face, bearing a strong resemblance to the creatures against whom he waged warfare; he had a wandering, restless and furtive expression, and appeared to be perpetually on the lookout for his prey, or for manifestations of their cunning and other evil characteristics in the humanity with which he came in contact. – Grain and Chaff from an English Manor by Arthur H. Savory