Synonyms for Blouse:


pullover, combat, top, waist, body armor, shell, bearskin, overblouse, ensign, camouflage, peasant blouse, camp shirt, chevron, battledress, man-tailored blouse, shirtwaist, turtleneck, middy blouse, breastplate, dress uniform, bodysuit. kameez, boob tube, kurta, kaftan, crop top, dress shirt, dickey. clothing (noun)
caftan, bathrobe, chemise, camisole, overcoat, vesture, clothing, boot, jacket, pants, shoes, blazer, blue jeans, pinafore, slicker, scarf, housecoat, fez, ensemble, cloak, homburg, dressing gown, dinner jacket, crinoline, fur, pillbox, topcoat, sweat suit, robe, shorts, headdress, trimming, shirt, tuxedo, sarong, afghan, pea coat, smock, wrapper, habit, kilt, turtle-neck, sweater, vestment, sports coat, raincoat, footgear, sweat shirt, nightgown, ulster, costume, frock, gown, dress, sari, skirt, hat, pull over, windbreaker, brassiere, petticoat, wrap, duds, burnoose, doublet, bonnet, corset, beret, raiment, parka, greatcoat, slacks, poncho, garb, evening gown, tunic, panties, halter, pajamas, coat, pyjamas, jumper, fedora, clothes, trousers, t-shirt, suit, mackintosh, stockings, chapeau, cape, jersey, stetson, attire, array, apparel, smoking jacket, garment, trench coat, shawl, bowler, kimono, outfit, v neck.
shirt for woman (noun)
t-shirt, shell, turtleneck, bodysuit, pullover.
top (noun)

Other synonyms:

kurta, breastplate, battledress, kameez, crop top, dress uniform, dress shirt. bearskin, dickey, boob tube. ensign. camouflage. combat. Other relevant words:
camouflage, pullover, overblouse, bodysuit, waist, top, combat, shell, kaftan, dickey, breastplate, chevron, turtleneck, ensign, kurta, battledress, shirtwaist, kameez, bearskin.

Usage examples for blouse

  1. He carried it about in his blouse producing it, now and again, for reference, with pretended solemnity. – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche
  2. He smiled as pleasantly as if he had heard the compliment and passed her a small pad from his blouse pocket. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer