Synonyms for Calceolaria:


calceolaria (noun)
plant (noun)

Usage examples for calceolaria

  1. The stereotyped bed of flaming yellow calceolaria balanced the conventional bed of flaming crimson verbena; the lavender heliotrope faced the scarlet geranium, like the four corners in a quadrille. – Charlotte's Inheritance by M. E. Braddon
  2. If banished from the front of the house, they had their revenge in the dear old- fashioned kitchen- garden- a garden where beds for cutting were filled with every coloured geranium and verbena and calceolaria a garden which seemed an enclosure of sweets and perfumes, where the wall- fruit hung in peerless beauty, and a large green- house, of the type of past days, was the shelter of a vine so luxuriant in its growth and so marvellous in its produce, that Maplestone grapes continually carried off the prize at the flower and fruit shows of the neighbourhood. – Salome by Emma Marshall