Synonyms for Cruelty:


bullying, maltreatment, abuse, Brutalities. cronyism, kind, truculency, partiality, favorite, attitude, bestiality, truculence, nepotism, inequality, bias, imbalance, savagery, barbarity, inequity, injustice. act (noun)
inhuman treatment.
brutality (noun)
insensibility, malignity, despotism, Monstrousness, sadism, unnaturalness, grimness, fierceness, inflexibility, tyranny, evil, inquisition, wickedness, unfeelingness, rancor, outrage, indifference, truculence, relentlessness, coldness, malice, persecution, insensitivity, hardness of heart, savageness, brutishness, Implacability, bestiality, unkindness, animality, barbarity, venom, callousness, ferocity, savagery, heartlessness, viciousness, atrocity, barbarousness.
brutality, harshness (noun)
inhumanity, barbarity, bestiality, viciousness, coldness, wickedness, venom, animality, malignity, fiendishness, rancor, brutishness, heartlessness, despotism, unfeelingness, savagery, torture, persecution, mercilessness, barbarism, ferocity, severity, insensibility, truculence, ruthlessness, callousness, fierceness, unkindness, malice, bloodthirstiness, savageness, sadism.
cruelty (noun)
mercilessness, pitilessness, inhuman treatment, harshness, cruelness, ruthlessness.
dictatorship (noun)
painfulness (noun)
oppressiveness, hurtfulness, torture, anguish, uncomfortableness, aggravation, soreness, agony, acuteness, woefulness, ache, unpleasantness, irritation, irksomeness, odiousness, grievousness, annoyingness, painfulness, misery, offensiveness, arduousness, distressfulness, torment, bitterness, severity.
pitilessness (noun)
inhumanity, bloodthirstiness, ruthlessness, hellishness, barbarism, mercilessness, fiendishness, hardheartedness, unmercifulness, Stoniness, brutality, pitilessness.
severity (noun)
severity, unkindness, hardheartedness.

Other synonyms:

imbalance, cronyism, savagery, bullying, inequality, maltreatment, despotism, nepotism, inequity, Implacability, injustice. evil, partiality, bestiality. bias, truculence, abuse, truculency, favorite. brutality
Other relevant words:
heartlessness, brutishness, abuse, inquisition, relentlessness, bullying, cronyism, barbarity, despotism, hardness of heart, maltreatment, malignity, grimness, favorite, tyranny, insensibility, inequality, evil, truculence, viciousness, insensitivity, truculency, fierceness, injustice, barbarousness, coldness, Monstrousness, savagery, indifference, inflexibility, partiality, Implacability, imbalance, bestiality, cruelness, atrocity, attitude, unnaturalness, unkindness, sadism, harshness, venom, rancor, outrage, Brutalities, bias, savageness, animality, kind, inhuman treatment, ferocity, unfeelingness, malice, inequity, wickedness, persecution, nepotism, callousness.

Usage examples for cruelty

  1. V. Do you remember Lady Patronesses' Day at the Cruelty Mag? – In the Bishop's Carriage by Miriam Michelson
  2. And this may be one reason why no sensible person who has tried fishing has ever been able to see any cruelty in it. – Little Rivers A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness by Henry van Dyke
  3. Then Judge Thomas White, in his most solemn tone, said: Albert Keys, you are found guilty of great cruelty to good cats everywhere. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various