Synonyms for Pear:


Gorham, Winter Nellis, Forelle, bartlett, Royal Riviera, Parrish Favorite, Max Red, anjou, Comice, seckel, bosc, Winter Bartlett. fruit (noun)
loganberry, gooseberry, olive, watermelon, date, plum, currant, nectarine, tangerine, fruit, mango, banana, pineapple, strawberry, grapefruit, prune, grape, passion fruit, berry, blackberry, guava, casaba melon, cantaloupe, cranberry, tamarind, melon, pomegranate, raisin, raspberry, blueberry.
fruits (noun)
black currant, blood orange, ackee, bilberry, beefsteak tomato.
pear (noun)
Pyrus Communis, pear tree.
tree (noun)
ebony, cherry, peach, ironwood, pine, cashew, walnut, cottonwood, gum, papaya, pecan, apple, citron, willow, mahogany, aspen, sandalwood, fig, redwood, oak, rosewood, eucalyptus, butternut, fir, linden, coconut, palm, juniper, quince, avocado, poplar, cedar, magnolia, maple, lime, chestnut, hickory, teak, cypress, alder, elm, mangrove, balsa, laurel, mimosa, balsam, almond, apricot, dogwood, larch, weeping willow, beech, spruce, breadfruit, yew, mulberry, tamarack, lemon, locust, ash, sycamore, elder, mountain ash, cassia, acacia, sequoia, birch, orange, banyan, tree.

Other synonyms:

Pyrus communis
Pyrus Communis.
Other relevant words:
bosc, pear tree, Pyrus Communis.

Usage examples for pear

  1. Upon the second day following the dance she saw Broderick and Pollard talking earnestly out under the pear trees. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  2. As a ripe pear that waited but the rude shock of the wind, the full year was bending to its fall. – Greene Ferne Farm by Richard Jefferies