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mimetic - 26 results
imitative (adjective)

mimicking, echoic, reflective, make-believe, copying, mocking.

Examples of usage:

Many of their publications, perpetually appearing and constantly forgotten, were drawn up by persons of considerable acquirements, and were ludicrously mimetic of their prototype, even as to the size of the volume and the form of the page. - "Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)", Isaac D'Israeli.

But it should be remembered that the mimetic impulses in which art among primitive races is supposed to originate, are not themselves art; and continually to whet the appetite with such primitive exercises is to perpetuate the rudimentary condition and stifle the finer faculties. - "Personality in Literature", Rolfe Arnold Scott-James.

No classification on the ground of form can exclude mimetic species, or discover them to themselves. - "Natural Law in the Spiritual World", Henry Drummond.

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