Synonyms for Satin:


fabric (adjective)
crinoline, madras, grenadine, chiffon, moleskin, jersey, foulard, astrakhan, silk, taffeta, challis, fabric, tulle, canvas, batik, longcloth, rayon, crepe, corduroy, gabardine, linen, paisley, lame, bunting, flannel, burlap, plaid, cashmere, quilting, cotton, gossamer, broadcloth, nylon, tarpaulin, oilcloth, serge, seersucker, tricot, dacron, suede, twill, herringbone, cheesecloth, damask, sharkskin, percale, worsted, brocade, sacking sailcloth, tweed, Celanese, duffel, baize, chenille, orlon, mohair, matting, denim, velvet, sateen, chintz, cambric, fleece, alpaca, velour, horsehair, muslin, wool, felt, gingham, calico, net, acrilan.
silken (adjective)
sleek (adjective)
silky, silken.


organza, satin de Lyon, cloth, satin de laine, sacking, slipper satin, sackcloth, royal weave, suiting, glossy silk, moquette, plush, sheeting. satin (noun)
satiny, sleek, slick, glossy, silklike, silken, silky, smooth.

Other synonyms:

suiting, sackcloth, moquette, organza. sheeting, sacking. plush.

Usage examples for satin

  1. " Day before yesterday he surprised us by wearing satin shoes," remarked Quijada. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. She is in white satin and diamonds. – Confessions of a Young Man by George Moore
  3. They buried her in her white satin wedding dress with her veil and orange blossoms. – The End of the Rainbow by Marian Keith