Synonyms for Gossipy:


all (adjective)
chatty, newsy.
chatty (adjective)
gossipy (adjective)
talebearing, blabby, taletelling.
informative (adjective)
chatty, newsy.
loquacious (adjective)
talkative (adjective)
articulate, chatty.


crisp, diffuse, circuitous, declamatory, taletelling, articulate, blabby, discursive, clean, economical, words, talebearing. chatterbox, nosy-parker, talker, rambler, busybody, voyeur, bore, windbag, motormouth, gossip. gossipy (noun)
chatty, communicatory, newsy, communicative.

Other synonyms:

blabby, taletelling. Other relevant words:
chatterbox, taletelling, blabby, talebearing, talker.

Usage examples for gossipy

  1. It felt good to be gossipy once more. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  2. While many of the articles may be somewhat gossipy in tone, the serious phase has not been overlooked. – Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb