Synonyms for Chatty:


all (adjective)
garrulous, talkative, gabby, loquacious, talky.
informative (adjective)
gossipy, communicative.
sociable (adjective)
gabby, talkative, vivacious, sociable, gregarious, courteous, genial, hearty, friendly, cordial, gracious, congenial, amiable, garrulous, hospitable, convivial, easygoing, amicable, neighborly, companionable, folksy, affable.
talkative (adjective)
garrulous, colloquial, informal, talky, loquacious, Familiar, Confabulatory, wordy, voluble, gossipy, gabby, communicative, friendly, spontaneous, conversational.
verbose (adjective)
loquacious, wordy, voluble, grandiloquent, windy, effusive, garrulous, profuse, verbose, bombastic, talkative.
wordy (adjective)
endless, superfluous, wandering, bombastic, excessive, ponderous, grandiloquent, windy, loquacious, talkative, featherbedding, lengthy, verbose, wordy, rambling, long-winded.


declamatory, circuitous, articulate, discursive, economical, diffuse, crisp, clean. words, conversational, yappy, longwinded. colloquial, Confabulatory, informal. chatty (noun)
loquacious, voluble, gossipy, newsy, gabby, communicative, communicatory, talkative, garrulous, talky.
intimate (noun)
informal, Familiar, spontaneous.

Other synonyms:

declamatory, conversational, circuitous, Confabulatory, discursive, longwinded. colloquial, yappy, crisp. articulate, diffuse. informal. clean. Other relevant words:
articulate, discursive, gossipy, informal, colloquial, crisp, newsy, Confabulatory, spontaneous, talky, communicative, communicatory, Familiar, yappy, declamatory, conversational.

Usage examples for chatty

  1. A great deal of her time was spent in waiting upon Aunt Chatty and Trix, both of whom were very far gone indeed. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  2. " Yes," replied Mr. Dempster, astonished to find his chatty communications to his old friend, Mrs. Frankland, taken up in this way by this unprepossessing- looking stranger. – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence