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switch off - 90 results
Other synonyms:

foreshorten, spread out, snub, veer, slew, flip off, disable, push aside, deactivate, edit out, reduce, close your mind to something, trim back, geld, deceive yourself, stop, flick, curve, ration out, boot out, cut off, immobilize, trend, bear, disengage, put your foot down, exclude, come out, disregard, contract, turn off, double up, tailor, flash, rationalise, arise, not hear of it, burn, break the connection, abbreviate, divide, cannibalize, parcel out, spurn, make out, prove, shorten, break, trim, thin, rationalize, abridge, hack, turn up, edit, trim down, chuck out, turn out, distribute, rise, cut back, cut down, thin out, issue, eject, cut, swerve, sheer, cut off the current, ignore, pool, skip, slue, turn down, bring down, redistribute, uprise, put off, rotate, turf out, douse, disconnect, prune, get up, shoot down, dilute, dismiss, write out, share, splay.

Similar words:

switchboard, switchboard operator, switching.

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