Synonyms for Boneset:


boneset (noun)
Eupatorium Perfoliatum, thoroughwort, Symphytum Officinale, common comfrey, agueweed.
plant (noun)
common comfrey, Symphytum Officinale.

Other synonyms:

Eupatorium perfoliatum
Eupatorium Perfoliatum.
Symphytum officinale
Symphytum Officinale.

Usage examples for boneset

  1. The sun came out with a power that had in it something peculiar, and made all human beings feel drowsy, heavy, listless, and disposed to take boneset tea. – Winter Fun by William O. Stoddard
  2. It tastes like the boneset everything is going to taste like boneset for the next six weeks. – Stranded in Arcady by Francis Lynde
  3. I shall prescribe boneset tea for you. – Just Patty by Jean Webster