Synonyms for Handicaps:


diseases (noun)
malaises, Infections, affections, ailments, Spasms, symptoms, Viruses, Diseases, sicknesses, attacks, debilities, Maladies, bugs, agues, Disabilities, Infirmities, pestilences, complaints, conditions, disorders, curses, Syndromes, collapses, Fevers, illnesses, breakdowns, complications.
hindrances (noun)
disadvantages, blockades, impediments, blockages, restraints, stoppages, deterrents, entanglements, barriers, obstacles, constraints, oppositions, Inhibitions, hurdles, impasses, dampers, interruptions, Frustrations, restrictions, obstructions, entrapments, hindrances, cul-de-sacs.
penalties (noun)
abatements, fines, retributions, Judgments, Punishments, deductions, Penalties, discounts, encumbrances, disciplines, chastisements, forfeitures, drawbacks, Premiums, burdens, corrections.


disables (verb)
tampers, disables, invalidates, screws up, stuns, saps, benumbs, vitiates, weakens, cripples, Lames, hinders, hampers, anesthetizes, abrogates, dulls, hobbles, hamstrings, neutralizes, Cramps, scotches, disarms, incapacitates, stupefies, undermines, Botches, impairs, paralyzes, prostrates, enfeebles, deadens.
hinders (verb)
restricts, Delays, congests, impedes, baffles, stays, snags, thwarts, jams, bottlenecks, curbs, entraps, drags, chokes, inhibits, bungs, entangles, bars, blocks, complicates, interrupts, fouls, frustrates, tangles, plugs, obstructs, constipates, dams, detains, deters, checks, opposes, stops, mires, fetters, resists, clogs, brakes, snarls, constrains, counters, catches, restrains, crimps.
penalizes (verb)
forfeits, chastises, deducts, encumbers, penalizes, corrects, judges, punishes, abates.

Usage examples for handicaps

  1. He found the annoyance of not being received in the same circles as Ishmael and Vassie too irksome to him- who, he not unfairly considered, had done so much the best and with the greatest handicaps – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  2. The men that have overcome the handicaps of blindness and deformity are those who gie no thought at all to what ails them- who go aboot as if they were as well and as strong as ever they've been. – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  3. I am even bold enough to think that she might have made business history, that plucky woman, if she had had an earlier start, and if she had not, to the very end, had a pack of unmanageable handicaps yelping at her heels, pulling at her skirts. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber