Synonyms for Simon:


Simon (noun)
Marvin Neil Simon, Paul Simon, Simon Zelotes, Herbert A. Simon, Herb Simon, Neil Simon, Simon The Zealot, Simon The Canaanite, Herbert Aleddxander Simon, St. Simon.
person (noun)
Herbert A. Simon, Simon The Zealot, St. Simon, Paul Simon, Herb Simon, Neil Simon, Marvin Neil Simon, Simon The Canaanite, Simon Zelotes.

Other synonyms:

Simon the Canaanite
Simon The Canaanite.
Simon the Zealot
Simon The Zealot.
marvin neil simon
Marvin Neil Simon.
Other relevant words:
St. Simon.

Usage examples for simon

  1. The man whom the others called Simon thrust again, but too low and without result. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. When at last he had got rid of her, he went to his own apartments, said not, a word to the persons he found there, scarcely one to Madame his wife, but taking Madame de Saint- Simon with him, went into his library, and shut himself up alone there with her. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 9 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  3. Cheer up, Simon hide your emotion. – The Amulet by Hendrik Conscience