Synonyms for Whereat:


whereat (adverb)
thereupon, whereupon, so.


correlative, conjunction, And, thereupon, causal, coordinating conjunction, after which, although, Andor, following which, Albeit, so, assuming. whereat (noun)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
thereupon, whereupon, so, after which.

Usage examples for whereat

  1. The man followed him down the back avenue, to see him out, which at another time would have stirred his resentment; and when he held the gate open for him to emerge, Tom gave him no less than three half- crowns- a prodigality whereat his eyes opened, if not his heart, and he made a gruff apology for the necessities imposed by duty, and Tom interrupted him with- " Quite right, perfectly right! – The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  2. The night their acts her black veil covered under, Their acts whereat the sun, the world might wonder. – Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso
  3. " I must go home," Audrey shyly reminded him, whereat he smiled assent, and they went, not through the box alley to the gate in the wall, but down the terrace, and out upon the hot brown boards of the landing. – Audrey by Mary Johnston