Synonyms for Uncomfortably:


discontentedly (adverb)
despondently, gloomily, uneasily, anxiously, discontentedly, restlessly, joylessly, wretchedly, sourly, cheerlessly, unhappily, crossly.
painfully (adverb)
distressingly, awkwardly, bitterly, irksomely, uneasily, unbearably, cruelly, odiously, miserably, tormentingly, acutely, woefully, unpleasantly, oppressively, witheringly, piercingly, Insufferably, torturously, aggravatingly, grievously, painfully, stingingly, sorely, disagreeably, smartingly, disturbingly, tryingly, annoyingly, distressfully, agonizingly, arduously, restlessly, horrendously, gruelingly, severely, irritatingly, troublesomely, bitingly, wretchedly, gnawingly, offensively, excruciatingly, hurtfully, achingly.


discontentedly (adverb)
despondently, restlessly, gloomily, sourly, anxiously, crossly, unhappily, miserably, uneasily, joylessly, discontentedly, wretchedly, cheerlessly.
painfully (adverb)
offensively, bitingly, bitterly, oppressively, acutely, odiously, Insufferably, disagreeably, horrendously, miserably, stingingly, agonizingly, painfully, tormentingly, hurtfully, distressingly, aggravatingly, unpleasantly, witheringly, excruciatingly, gnawingly, irritatingly, annoyingly, distressfully, troublesomely, smartingly, gruelingly, arduously, cruelly, tryingly, torturously, severely, piercingly, woefully, unbearably, irksomely, sorely, achingly, grievously.


dolefully, sadly, harshly, sharply, awkwardly, disturbingly, Vexatiously, poignantly, dolorously, keenly, fretfully, in anguish, dismally.

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dolefully, harshly, sharply, awkwardly, fretfully, poignantly, keenly, Vexatiously, sadly, dismally, dolorously, disturbingly.

Usage examples for uncomfortably

  1. The other members of the family looked down uncomfortably and, to Ida's surprise, as if they were ashamed. – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice