Synonyms for Camas:


camas (noun)
camash, camosh, quamash, camass.
plant (noun)
camash, camosh, quamash, camass.

Usage examples for camas

  1. The Shoshone of this area took part in root gathering and festivities every summer on Camas Prairie. – Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society by Robert F. Murphy Yolanda Murphy
  2. The reader will not, we hope, lose sight of their grievous exodus; and, at the height of the fame of the Dadiseths, the Banajis, the Jamshedji Jijibhoys, the Camas the Petits, and many other no less illustrious names, will remember the first fugitives of Persia, and their kindly reception by the Rana of Sanjan. – Les Parsis by D. Menant