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Manipulating - 16 results
Examples of usage:

He came, grumbling a little, as a man should, but very efficient, armed with two crowbars and equipped with a natural genius for manipulating rocks. - "More Jonathan Papers", Elisabeth Woodbridge.

It becomes a matter of manipulating this suggestibility skillfully in order to achieve results. - "A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis", Melvin Powers.

She made no reply, and for a while he lay in silence watching her busy fingers manipulating the gleaming gold thread with which she was working. - "East of the Shadows", Mrs. Hubert Barclay.

Similar words:

manipulation, manipulative, electronic manipulative deception, manipulative electronic deception, manipulator, manipulate, Manifesting, Peromyscus Maniculatus, mandelamine, Maneuvering.

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