Synonyms for Wronging:


wronging (verb)
trespassing, encroaching, Transgressing, doing wrong, Infringing, Abusing, Perpetrating, Committing, Maltreating.

Usage examples for Wronging

  1. At the time we seem to be injuring no one but ourselves; but, as we live on, we find that we were wronging whomsoever should come into our lives in the future. – Mrs. Falchion, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 12, 2009
  2. Heaven grant it live, for the father's a noble gentleman and has shrunk from wronging an excellent young lady. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  3. Henry felt too powerfully his own superiority of fortune to resent this ingratitude: he patiently picked up the repast, and laying it again upon the table, placed by its side a bottle of claret, which he held fast by the neck, while he assured his brother that, " although he had taken it while the waiter's back was turned, yet it might be drank with a safe conscience by them; for he had not himself tasted one drop at the feast, on purpose that he might enjoy a glass with his brother at home, and without wronging the company who had invited him." – Nature and Art by Mrs. Inchbald