Synonyms for Up-to-date:


current (adjective)
current, dashing, modish, advanced, au courant, faddish, contemporary, today, new, modern, in fashion, brand-new, in, newest, up-to-the-minute, avant-garde, trendy, stylish, popular, state of the art, all the rage, fashionable, modernistic.
fashionable (adjective)
dashing, decorous, refined, chic, chichi, fancy, dapper, snappy, ritzy, natty, Tony, coordinated, modal, showy, swank, conventional, stylish, smart, slick, vogue, modish, fashionable, rakish.
modernized (adjective)
modish (adjective)
all the rage.
new (adjective)
fresh, newest, latest, up-to-the-minute, recent, late-breaking, avant-garde, modern, topical, contemporary, new, novel, current.


futuristic, space age, ahead of your/its etc. time, advanced, hip, state of the art. au courant, mod, knowledge. informative (noun)
informative, instructive, educative, educational, enlightening, revelatory, meaty, illuminating.
in vogue (noun)
a la mode, all the rage, today, styled to the minute, streamlined, popular, the latest, brand-new, in fashion, faddish, according to the prevailing taste, in, modernistic, modish, trendy.
up-to-date (noun)
fashionable, latest, stylish, current, last, newest.

Other synonyms:

au courant. mod. informative
illuminating, educational, educative, informative, revelatory, instructive, meaty.
Other relevant words:
mod, space age, brand-new, all the rage, au courant, state of the art, last, modernistic, instructive, informative, knowledge, illuminating, educative, faddish, in, hip, futuristic, in fashion, popular, today, newest, streamlined, enlightening, revelatory, meaty, educational, modish, advanced, trendy.