Synonyms for Undrunk:


undrunk (noun)
unconsumed, uneaten.

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Usage examples for undrunk

  1. But like poor Ernestine, in whom thrift usually fought a losing battle with generosity, she had compromised upon a native brand that the dealer had said was " just as good as the imported kind," but which Milly had tasted and left undrunk – One Woman's Life by Robert Herrick
  2. At any rate, it is easy to believe that the Chinese were first in the tea fields, and that undoubtedly the plant was a native of both China and Japan when it was slumbering on the slopes of India, unpicked, unsteeped, undrunk unhonored, and unsung. – The Little Tea Book by Arthur Gray
  3. Further she noted how the glass in Temple's hand was still lifted, as was the glass in Blenham's, the whiskey still undrunk winking at her in the pale lamplight. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory