Synonyms for Unanswered:


all (adjective)
unreciprocated, unrequited.
not answered (adjective)
pending, ignored, tabled, not responded to.
not refuted (adjective)
unchallenged, unnoticed, debatable, undetermined, uncertain, up in the air, disputed, unsettled, in doubt, undecided, open, unquestioned, Unrefuted, moot.
not returned (adjective)
unreciprocated, unrequited.


undetermined, moot, tabled, unquestioned, unnoticed, debatable, Filed, circular, unsettled, vexed, demanding an answer, up in the air, undecided, ignored, valid, in doubt, textual, newsy, not responded to, returnable, enclosed, in black and white, written, Unrefuted, disputed, on paper, under consideration, pending, unchallenged, open, in the files, uncertain. open-ended, unasked, unanswerable, Rapid-fire, loaded, interrogative. unanswered (noun)
nonreciprocal, unrequited, unreciprocated.

Other synonyms:

newsy, textual. open-ended, written, unanswerable. interrogative, enclosed, loaded, returnable. valid. circular. Other relevant words:
open-ended, open, tabled, loaded, moot, Unrefuted, unsettled, undecided, debatable, written, unanswerable, textual, up in the air, not responded to, disputed, unnoticed, unchallenged, unquestioned, uncertain, circular, in doubt, ignored, enclosed, undetermined, pending, interrogative.

Usage examples for unanswered

  1. " And I must return," she said, " as I came- with my love thrown back, my prayers unanswered my sorrow redoubled." – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
  2. The king, who was accustomed to hear M. Colbert speak in not over- scrupulous terms of M. Fouquet, allowed this remark to pass unanswered and merely listened. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere