Synonyms for Swordfish:


bream, dab, brill, bloater, coelacanth. chowder, bouillabaisse, filet, fillet. animal (noun)
Xiphias Gladius.
fish (noun)
fluke, catfish, dogfish, hake, haddock, flatfish, tarpon, carp, char, trout, puffer, flounder, albacore, sturgeon, smelt, barracuda, crappie, salmon, shark, rainbow trout, Mudfish, kipper, pike, tuna, blackfish, minnow, turbot, Sting ray, mackerel, marlin, sailfish, guppy, halibut, eel, goldfish, hammerhead, herring, sole, sardine, gar, anchovy, walleye, sea horse, lamprey, bowfin, ray, bluegill, perch, fish, goby, sunfish, whitefish, bass, grouper, pickerel, speckled trout.
swordfish (noun)
Xiphias Gladius.

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Other relevant words:
coelacanth, bloater, dab, fillet, filet, bouillabaisse, brill, Xiphias Gladius, chowder, bream.

Usage examples for swordfish

  1. The swordfish greeted them kindly, and invited them to come down and make him a visit. – The Joyous Story of Toto by Laura E. Richards
  2. Accordingly they bade a friendly farewell to the swordfish and his daughter, and continued their voyage. – The Joyous Story of Toto by Laura E. Richards