Synonyms for Suspensions:


interruptions (noun)
intervals, Hiatuses, recesses, reprieves, stays, interludes, stoppages, snags, Delays, hitches, breaks, postponements, interruptions, pauses.

Usage examples for Suspensions

  1. If they will afford us a real specie basis for our paper circulation by increasing the denomination of bank notes, first to twenty and afterwards to fifty dollars; if they will require that the banks shall at all times keep on hand at least one dollar of gold and silver for every three dollars of their circulation and deposits, and if they will provide by a self- executing enactment, which nothing can arrest, that the moment they suspend they shall go into liquidation, I believe that such provisions, with a weekly publication by each bank of a statement of its condition, would go far to secure us against future suspensions of specie payments. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various