Synonyms for Seventeenth:


common fraction, denominator, common denominator, And. eighth, fourteenth, billionth, fourth, fifteenth, fortieth, hundredth, fifth, fiftieth, eleventh. seventeenth (noun)
ordinal, 17th.

Usage examples for seventeenth

  1. Whoever is acquainted with the state of religion and society in England, during the latter part of the seventeenth and the whole of the eighteenth century, needs not to be told that, among the ruling classes, faith in a revealed religion had ceased to exist. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  2. We were assigned camp- ground back from the river, on a hill slope, in a long- settled country, where since early in the seventeenth century the Dutch had possessed the land. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  3. In the middle of the seventeenth century, certain rooms were furnished at the king's expense for those who were without means. – The Story of Paris by Thomas Okey