Synonyms for Plots:


calculations (noun)
methods, statistics, inferences, judgements, computations, determinations, mathematics, assessments, calculations, considerations, valuations, estimations, divisions, suppositions, Algorithms, approximations, presumptions, conclusions, Measurements, Evaluations, appraisals, thoughts, deductions, systems.
conspiracies (noun)
treacheries, intrigues, cabals, Conspiracies.
plans (noun)
arrangements, aims, Intentions, propositions, conceptions, contrivances, Ideas, blueprints, inventions, anticipations, expectations.
prose (plural) (noun)
fables, Tales, narratives, Allegories, anecdotes, fictions, epics, Stories, novels, reminiscences, serials, parables, romances, Sagas, novellas, chronicles, myths, yarns, scenarios, legends, recounts, short stories, episodes.
regions (noun)
parcels, tracts, Countries, Cities, Duchies, regions, earldoms, ridings, dukedoms, lots, domains, districts, Neighborhoods, beats, bailiwicks, sectors, kingdoms, states, Areas, precincts, Shires, Counties, circuits, Municipalities, cantons, fields, empires, zones, towns, provinces, Colonies, boroughs, localities, nations, realms, Territories, quarters, commonweals.
stratagems (noun)
Deceptions, ploys, artifices, maneuvers, devices, stratagems, Traps, wrinkles, feints, pitfalls, dodges, tactics, tricks of the trade, subterfuges, tricks, machinations, ruses, games, Trojan horses.


calculates (verb)
counts, Studies, presumes, judges, Measures, computes, plans, adds, values, quantizes, rates, infers, thinks, sums, reckons, estimates, quantifies, totals, divides, surmises, guesses, concludes, figures, deduces, appraises, calculates, supposes, systematizes, gauges, Tallies, enumerates, approximates, evaluates, triangulates, scores, determines, rationalizes, accounts, considers, Programs, multiplies, schemes, assesses, weighs, Schedules, ranks.
orders (verb)
mediates, schematizes, Forms, supports, normalizes, sifts, places, stabilizes, establishes, unsnarls, adjusts, settles, categorizes, orchestrates, subordinates, designs, groups, types, Marshals, sorts, arranges, fixes, structures, organizes, charts, controls, harmonizes, arrays, grades, collates, classifies, screens, sets, integrates, casts, separates, shapes, orders, pigeonholes, prepares, regulates, methodizes, balances, maintains, frames, Classes, composes, unifies, devises, Rights, stratifies.
plans (verb)
proposes, expects, contrives, premeditates, invents, intends, anticipates, coordinates, conceives.

Usage examples for plots

  1. Plots and counterplots resolved into a most natural happening; thrown into companionship with Lucille Masterson by Anthony's flight, Mr. Adriance had fallen in love. – A Man's Hearth by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. He wrote these plots in verse! – Peg Woffington by Charles Reade
  3. The very means which these people took to secure secrecy were the means of bringing their plots to light. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth