Synonyms for Outside:


disinterested (adjective)
unbiased, impartial.
exotic (adjective)
external, outlandish, strange, extrinsic.
extraneous (adjective)
foreign-born, foreign, inadmissible, irrelevant, exotic, segregated, detached, disjoint, parenthetical, extraterrestrial, inappropriate, unrelated, unessential, nonessential, alien, separate, outlandish, extrinsic, separated, removed, other, strange, dissociated, external, immaterial, Unallied, disconnected, inapplicable, unaffiliated, estranged, outer, disaffiliated, impertinent, extraneous, eerie.
maximal (adjective)
objective (adjective)
non-subjective, impartial, detached, disinterested, surface, unbiased, exterior, outer, objective, extrinsic, peripheral, external.
outside (adjective)
farthest, exterior, extreme, foreign, furthest, alfresco, remote, unlikely, extramural, outer, surface, outward, alien, outdoor, out, extraneous.
outward (adjective)
external, outward, extrinsic, objective, exterior, surface, face, outer.


elsewhere (adverb)
removed, away.


outdoor (adverb)
out of doors, alfresco.


backward, around, down, onward, back, Against, about, up. ne plus ultra, top, limited, ultimate, uttermost, high, the open air, beyond, utmost, out. save, except, with the exception of, Excepting, only, Excluding, exclusive of something, but, otherwise than. objectivity (noun)
disinterestedness, impartiality, detachment, Objectiveness, periphery, objectivity.
outermost (noun)
furthest, farthest, extreme.
outside (noun)
face, outdoors, after-school, international, outdoorsy, extramural, outdoor, inaccurate, maximal, external, away, exterior, alfresco, out-of-door, maximum, unlikely, outer, open air, extracurricular, out of doors, largest, right, remote, foreign, extraneous, extrinsic.
outwardness (noun)
Exteriority, outwardness.

Other synonyms:

backward, down, onward, the open air, up. Against, out. back. beyond, around. uttermost, utmost, about. ultimate. top. away
out of doors.
open air.

Usage examples for outside

  1. It will be worked out in half a dozen years at the outside – The Squire's Daughter by Silas K(itto) Hocking
  2. " You are not going outside my house to- night, Denas Penelles," she said. – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  3. " I have one outside answered Desmond. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams